Monday, May 24, 2010

Pineapple, anyone?

Tonight I am eating some fresh pineapple I got from the store... there is a rumor out there that eating it can naturally induce labor (only if your body is ready for it though, so no worries, I'm not doing anything drastic!). Here is some info on how it works:

Bromelain is an enzyme that naturally occurs in pineapple. It is believed to work like a prostaglandin, which aids in the ripening and softening of the cervix. This enzyme is only present in fresh pineapple, and not in canned or jarred pineapple. After the pineapple has been cut and time passes, the enzyme diminishes; if you are trying to induce labor, only eat fresh pineapple.

I had to look up a video online on how to cut fresh pineapple. They said to turn it upside down in the fridge for 30 minutes before cutting to let the sugars seep down to the top. After hearing this, I immediately called to Eliot in the other room and asked if he could go to the fridge and turn my pineapple over. He's such a sweet guy he actually did it for me. :-) You see, to do it myself would require 20 or so excruciating steps to and from the fridge, after which I'd just have to sit down and wait to cut it for 30 min. So it was much easier for Eliot to come from the office and turn my pineapple over than for me to waddle on over there in pain to do it.

Like my pregnancy logic? Yeah, me too. :-)

Off to eat some pineapple! Worse case scenario, I get some extra vitamins and fruit in my diet. Not too shabby.

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