Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If I want peace, I'll come to the King...

Every morning when I wake up, the Lord puts a song in my head... I love it. I awake each new day with praise in my head and my heart, and it is always a message from my Savior that I need to hear.

The song this morning was "Anchor of my soul" by Telecast. We sang it in church this past Sunday (our church started having evening services again... yay!), and I had never heard it before. Here is the part that I awoke singing this morning:

And if I want love I'll come to the cross
And if I want life I'll count this life lost
Anchor of my soul, don't let me drift away
And if I want peace I'll come to the King
And if I want release then You'll have to be
The anchor of my soul, don't let me drift away

Jesus, I will stay with you
I will stay with you.

What a lovely reminder of where peace and love comes from as I do laundry, mop the floors, and waddle around 9 months pregnant and often uncomfortable. Thanks Lord.

And, if anyone is paying attention, the pineapple did not induce labor. But I'm ok with that, it will happen in God's time and not mine. At least the pineapple was delicious and so very flavorful! I can't complain. :-) Nothing was lost in that experiment, and I at least got some good vitamins out of it.

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