Wednesday, January 19, 2011

James is 7 Months Old!!!

Happy 7th month birthday to my sweet little James!! He is growing by leaps and bounds and never fails to amaze me at the new things he can do. Lately, he has been better about the separation anxiety and he doesn't cry when I leave the room as long as I am back within 5 minutes or so. He also can hold two toys at once (one in each hand) and put down one toy to pick up another (it's a growth milestone, trust me!).

Yesterday I went to Joanns for some fabric and took James with me because he likes to look at all the patterns and colors. It was his first ride ever in a grocery cart with the shopping cover I made him! I took a pic of him with my phone because it was so cute:

This past week we also got a few gifts from Aunt Alison, which James had a fun time discovering. Well, James and Eliot...

James has been enjoying some Mum Mum crackers recently... he looooves feeding himself, and whether it is the crackers or fresh banana in a food feeder, he loves making a mess as well!

Did I mention we got a bath seat for him? Well, we did, which helps him sit up in the bath and be able to play with toys. The penguin is his favorite, and not because I push it on him or anything. It makes me happy that he loves something I love. :-)

And James is also sitting up more and more. I'm glad he's finally figuring out how to balance himself without me holding him up... he's getting heavy!

Here are a few quick videos for your viewing pleasure... the first is one of James making sound effects:

And this one is of James playing today:

Happy 7 months James!! We love you!!

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  1. Cutest. Nephew. EVER! Can't wait to see you guys on Saturday and snuggle the little guy.