Saturday, January 15, 2011


James has slept in till 9:30am the past two days (with me just getting up once at 6am to feed him). It is AMAZING. I don't expect it to last, I have a feeling this is a short-term situation that will change soon, but while it is happening I am embracing it with open arms. This is the first time I have gotten any decent amount of sleep in the past 7 months, and I am starting to feel human again. Lord, PLEASE help him keep sleeping well!

His naps during the day have been pretty wacky, though, in the past week. He usually will only go down for 30-45 minutes and then refuse to go back to sleep. I figure it's because he is sleeping so much at night, though what caused this I'll never know.

James has also been showing more signs of teething... more drooling and very fussy while awake. He loves his vibrating teether and chewing on a piece of chilled banana in his fresh food feeder. I also give him frozen washcloths to chew on, and he likes those too. So we'll see if any teeth show up soon!

In other accomplishments, he is rolling like a log across the room to get to things he wants. He still isn't totally sitting up by himself, which is hard for me since I can't put him in a shopping cart when we go out and instead have to carry him in the Ergo or get out the stroller. It would be great to use the shopping cart cover I made and just plop him in the cart when we go out... someday soon it will happen. But until he supports himself better without slouching over to the side, I think I better wait.

He is also picking up objects with the "pincher" grasp, meaning he no longer grabs for things with his whole hand, but with just his fingers. It's amazing to see him grow and change in front of my eyes... he's getting so big!!

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