Monday, February 21, 2011

New Accomplishments

James has been busy busy busy learning new skills and discovering his world! He isn't crawling yet or attempting to (he seems happy to just roll places), but he is pushing up on his arms and kicking his legs, so I think it's only a matter of time.

This week I sat him next to his basket of toys (he sits very well by himself for long periods now) and he figured out how to pull all the toys out and then decided the basket would make a tasty snack. Observe:

He also has finally developed the pincer grasp, so he picks things up with his thumb and forefinger. It allows him to eat finger foods, such as cheerios (YAY cheerios!!) and diced soft foods. Tonight he enjoyed diced carrots.

This week he's also been liking me feeding him less and less as he wants to try it out himself. So today I have him a spoon to try, and he did know how to put it in his mouth but couldn't quite grasp feeding himself with it yet (not surprised, it is early for that and I figured he'd use it more as a toy). He had fun playing with it!

James also likes splashing in his bath, taking his vitamins (I think they are sweet and that is why he loves them so much), and chewing on strings of all varieties. Today I took him out in the yard in his stroller while I pulled weeds and taught him gardening lessons about life (you have to pull out the bad stuff to let the good stuff grow!). He loved being outdoors as much as I did, and I could easily wheel him around the yard with me as I worked.

The worst new development is the separation anxiety. He cried if he sees me walking away from him at all, which makes it hard to do anything at all. Eliot took him to the mall yesterday as their first daddy-son outing together, and it is the farthest away from James I've ever been. It was quiet around the house and I enjoyed some crafting time, but I did call and check up on them because I missed them!

Let's see... what else... hmmm...
Well, James is still loving to read, and he loves turning pages. He gets excited and kicks his feet when he sees a book he recognizes. He also is very interested in how his hands work right now, examining them as they manipulate objects. James loves watching the Baby Signing Time dvd we have and laughs when he sees the little frog in the program (because it makes cute little sqeaking sounds).

In the language front, he hasn't said anything really, but he is saying more syllables, like "Boo" and "Gah." It isn't all the time, but I don't want to talk all the time either so I understand! I heard he may say mama or dada soon, but there's no rush. He'll talk when he's ready.

Eliot took some pics of the nursery this morning:

And here's one of James and I before we went to Fred Meyer... he got to ride in the shopping cart as his adventure on his 8th month birthday!

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