Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tasty toes

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, I used to remember to do it every Saturday when James turned another week old, but since I stopped counting weeks it's not really on my radar.

Here's what's been happening around our house...
James has been grabbing his feet and chewing on his toes recently, which is adorable but unfortunately happens mostly when the camera isn't nearby. I'll try to get a picture soon!

He also sometimes says new things like "Gah," but no words or dada-mama yet. I heard that might happen soon, but I think James is a month and a half behind the "average" so I don't expect it. He'll talk when he's good and ready! He does cry/whine right away though when he needs something or doesn't want something. I can't wait till he figures out this sign language so he won't get so frustrated.

We've been enjoying many more walks outside now that the weather is spring-like. We saw some violets blooming and witnessed a muskrat and a wood duck on our last walk! James like animals and especially birds, he will smile when he hears bird calls. He also has started kicking both his feet when he is happy about something, and sometimes waved both his arms or hits at something when he is playing. It's amazing to watch him grow!

He is sitting like a champ now for longer periods, but still not making any motions towards crawling. Again, I figure when he's ready he'll do it. I'm not pushing him to be mobile! I have baby-proofed a few things around the house though ever since I came in the living room (while Eliot was in the kitchen) and found that James had rolled himself into the corner between the ottoman and the couch!

Oh, and we introduced a sippy cup to James at 6mo but he still can't figure out how to drink from it. So we tried (as per our Pediatrician's advice) giving him water right from a cup instead of through the spout of a sippy cup. Voila! He drinks! He loves water (thank goodness) so we are sticking with that as long as possible so he won't get hooked on sugary juice. I hope he figures out the sippy cup soon, but I'm just glad he's learning how to drink fluids from somewhere other than me lol!

Here are a few of my favorite pics from this week... there's one or two more in the Eighth Month album.

Playing in the "kitchen"

Using a ring as a pillow!

You can see both how small he is and also my baby-proofing in this one...

My cutie!

A tribute to our alma mater

Playing in his jumperoo today

Learning how to drink water from a cup!

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