Friday, February 11, 2011

Rock a Soak!

I decided to switch diaper detergents this month because our current one wasn't rinsing clean from our diapers and causing build-up (which leads to stinkies and diaper rash... not good!). The #1 recommended detergent by most cloth diapering moms is called Rockin Green... it is a diaper safe, enzyme, fragrance, brightener, and harsh chemical-free detergent, with a few drops of essential oils for natural fragrances in the formula I have (Classic rock.... there is also hard rock for hard water and soft rock for soft water and sensitive skin). I chose to get Mighty Might Marshmallow and Smashing Watermelons this time around. :-)

Anyway, one of the awesome things you can do with this new detergent is "Rock a soak." The formula of the detergent deep cleans while soaking for an hour or overnight, drawing out all the build-up, bacteria, and embedded dirt in the diapers. It is amazing how well it works! Here is a photo of my "clean" diapers just 30 minutes into the soak:

Then here it is after an overnight soak... I didn't stir the diapers much in the last pic, so I think a lot of the dirtier water is on the bottom. But still.... observe:

Ew! I had no idea there was THAT much build-up in my diapers, though I suspected something was wrong because James has a small diaper rash and the diapers have the stinkies. I am doing a Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer soak right now to make sure we get out all the grossness. :-)

I <3 my diaper soap. It should make diaper laundry foolproof from here on out as it is clean-rinsing. Woohoo! It's the little things in life, I tell ya.

In other news, we went for a walk in Hendricks park the other day to see what flowers are blooming now that spring is coming to the NW.
Here is a pic of me and James with witch hazel and a few other things blooming behind us!

And one with Eliot and James with the yellow Witch Hazel...

And, finally, WILD TURKEYS! We saw these walking through the park and had to take a pic.

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