Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Home and away

This past week, Eliot was in the San Juans teaching at an Irish festival, and James and I went up to Portland to visit with his grandma and stay with his grandpa. We had a good time, going out shopping and exploring a new place. But we were all happy to be back home by the end of the week! Here are some pics from our adventures...

James seeing a ceiling fan for the first time at Grandpa Gerry's house:

Exploring the coffee table

Laughing with Grandpa!

At home again! He looks like he's crawling, but he's not. :-)

Playing in the kitchen while I cook

Around the house!

Playing with mama

Finding books

James still isn't crawling, but he does roll quite well to get where he needs to go. He also has no teeth yet. All in good time...

I am enjoying just spending time with him each day. He is so much fun, giggly and cute! Yesterday he figured out how to put balls into the elephant's mouth on his toy ball popper. It was amazing to me, since I had only shown him how to do it once. He's starting to understand sign language a bit too, but he doesn't do it himself yet. He understand water, eat, and cheerios. :-)

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