Monday, March 7, 2011

Just me and my mom

James and I have been hanging out together alone this week since Eliot is up at Friday Harbor in the San Jauns to teach at an Irish festival. So we've been having little excursions out and about, a new store each day (because it keeps raining outside), and James LOVES it. We went to Micheals yesterday so I could get some crafting supplies to make this:

James kept grabbing anything he could find in the store, including the silk flowers, so it made shopping quite a challenge! But he had a great time and so do I... we need to get out of the house and out into the big wide world. I also checked out cake supplies while I was there to see if I can make James's cake for his first birthday...I want to attempt fondant but it seems somewhat daunting and I'm not sure we can afford the supplies. I do know that the cake is going to be 12 (thin) layers, for each month of his first year! I am also not sure what theme we are going to do yet, but I have some ideas and am letting them marinate...

Today we went to Jerry's (a home improvement store) and James loved the garden area with the birds chirping away (a boy after my own heart!). We also took a stroll through the lumber area so he could smell the cedar... he looked amazed at the height of the wood! I feel small in those aisles, so I can only imagine what he was feeling! I took this pic in the paint aisle:

So me and my little buddy are just hanging out. Soon we'll go visit relatives up in Portland, but for now we are enjoying each other's company and I am taking care of him on my own for the longest time ever (usually Eliot helps for an hour in the morning). I am actually doing pretty well since James is sleeping ok (knock on wood), though we both miss Eliot terribly!

Here are a few more pics from this week with James:

Love those Cheerios!

Playing with his new toy (he had just gotten up and was groggy)

Gumming Sophie

And, for your viewing pleasure, James playing with his new toy that we bought on our excursion to Fred Meyer (seriously, the boy has so few big toys and it was on sale, so I figured what the hey):

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