Saturday, March 19, 2011

James is 9 months old!!

James is 9 months old today! He's getting so darn big! I love him at this age... he sleeps better (most of the time), is inquisitive about the world around him, and pretty much anything can make him smile. He's not scare of too many things (except people who try to touch him who aren't mom or dad), he even was fascinated by the vacuum cleaner! Silly little boy. :-)

Today he helped me out in the garden. Well, ok, maybe he just kept me company out in the garden! I planted my sugar snap peas and lettuce, as well as some cilantro and a row of cabbage (just for fun). This was no small feat, as I had to go to Jerry's to get some Steer PLus manure (a blend of steer, chicken, and horse compost). Then the tire was flat on the wheelbarrow, so I had to DRAG the heavy bags across the back yard to the garden, all while minding James in the stroller and making sure it didn't rain on him. I was going to let him roll around on the porch in a corral with a sheet under it, but as soon I got it set up, it hailed on it. Booo!

Anyway, here are some pics of James getting ready to go out in the yard and in his stroller watching me work. Enjoy!

Happy 9 months James!!!

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