Saturday, March 12, 2011

What did James eat today?

I was writing down what James ate today, and I thought I would record it here as well. He is doing so well with solids and feeding himself diced food/cheerios. His "pincer grasp" has also improved greatly over the last few weeks, and he is becoming very mechanical with his hands. Anyway, on to the menu!

5am- Breastfeeding

8:30am- Breakfast- Pureed mangos and oatmeal cereal, cheerios, water (in sippy)

10am- Breastfeeding

12pm- Lunch- Banana in mesh feeder, Pureed carrots and squash with turkey and barley cereal, water

2pm- Breastfeeding

4pm- Snack- Yogurt melts and water

5:30pm- Dinner- Barley cereal, pureed carrots and green beans, pureed chicken (and a couple cheerios), water

6:30pm- Breastfeeding

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