Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A couple fun things about Ellie and James...

James and Ellie had a doctor's appointment today. They are in general in good health, which we are grateful for. Here are their stats:

James at his 3 year well-baby visit:
Height 37.5" (42nd percentile)
Weight 29 lbs (13th percentile)

Ellie at her 9 month well-baby visit:
Height 26.75" (16th percentile)
Weight 18 lbs (44th percentile)
Head 16.9" (25th percentile)

Some fun things James says (or the way he says them):
Bumum= Button
Bana= Banana
Cows= Cars
Ewwie= Ellie
Ah me ah me ah me= Let me do it
"Ah! The cows are chasing us!" (He thinks the cars are chasing us when we drive places)
"I go wound and wound and get dizzy in the pawking gwage!" (On driving around to find a spot in the parking garage at the doctor's office)
"Daddy get my fan!" (He thinks the new van we are getting is HIS van only.)
"The shoo fly flies around!" (He thinks all flies are called shoo flies since I sang that song to him one too many times...)

Fun new things that Ellie does:
Waves when you say hi and wave to her
Crawls super fast to get whatever she wants
Eats small cut-up food using her pincher fingers
Laughs when you laugh (ok, that's not new, but it sure is cute!)
Turns pages of books
Tries to pull herself up to stand
Says "Mama," "dada", "Gah," "Baba," and a few other babbling words
Eats cheerios like they are going out of style...even ones she finds on the floor. :-/
Snuggles her head into you
Sleeps through the night MORE OFTEN THAN NOT!!! (This is huge, it just started happening this week!)
Splashes in her new little wading pool! :-)

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