Monday, July 29, 2013

Ellie is 10 months old! STANDING UP!!

My baby girl is 10 months old today. It makes me want to weep just thinking about it... she can't possibly be that old already! Double digits! Craziness!

I realized that I don't take enough cute pics of the kids (ha!) so we headed to the park today to take some. Here is what we came up with:

Ellie 10 month favorites

Ellie is growing by leaps and bounds. This past week she started pulling herself up to stand and now is trying to master balancing so she can move her feet once she's up. She also crawls super fast and puts anything/everything in her mouth.

Ellie loves to play with stacking cups (she actually will nest them on her own) and books that have lift the flaps or pages to turn. She also likes to hand things to me (and then take them back)... she thinks it is a game. Unfortunately, Ellie still has pretty severe separation anxiety and wails when I walk away from her (even if Eliot is with her). This, I'm sure, is what is getting her (and me) up 2-3 times per night still... she realizes I'm not in the room and freaks out.

Even so, during the day she is a happy-go-lucky baby who is pleased as punch to just hang out on the floor and play with whatever. She loooooves her cheerios and has pretty much completely switched over to feeding herself. She also seems to understand a few phrases (like "close the book") and can sign "All done"! And she babbles "ma ma ma ma" when she's sad and wants me. <3 p="">
We are marching towards a year, and I'm just not ready. Someone slow time down, please!

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