Tuesday, July 9, 2013

James and Ellie's first trip to the ZOO! And Multnomah Falls!

Recently Mimi (Eliot's mom) came to visit us for James's 3rd birthday. It was a very fun week with lots of activities... among them was Ellie and James's first ever trip to the Zoo and Multnomah Falls! (Well, they had been to the zoo for zoolights, but that was a bit different). Papa (my dad) joined us as well, so we had quite a team exploring the wild animals!

Before we went to the zoo, we stopped at Multnomah Falls since it was on Mary Helen's list of must-sees. James loved it, he kept saying, "The wa wa falls down!" (I've been trying to teach him to say water ever since my mom accidentally taught him to say wa wa months and months ago... no luck!). We hiked up to the bridge and could feel the cool spray on our faces. It was just breathtaking... also harrowing as I tried to keep my rambunctious 3yo and squirmy 8mo from going over the side of the bridge!

After that, we headed (a little late) to the zoo and got stuck in traffic. I'd forgotten about traffic... it doesn't really happen where we live!

At the zoo, I think James's favorite animal was the bears... they were right up near the glass and he could see them really well. He was mostly fascinated with running down the paths, over the exhibits, and looking in the windows. We had to hustle to keep up with him, but we all had fun!

Ellie spent the whole time in the stroller or Ergo peeping out at the world. I think she liked the sights and sounds, and she and I had a peaceful time together nursing on a bench near the elephants while Eliot chased James in the grass. She just munched on her Cheerios and was pretty happy. :-)

After all was seen (except the elephants because we were hustling to the train, and then we went the wrong way and missed the last train of the day... doh!), we went back to my dad's house for some BBQ and wonderful dinner together before packing everyone like sardines into our Altima and driving 2 hours back to Eugene. It was a loooong day, but a fun one!

Here is a photo album of our adventures!
Zoo 2013

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