Sunday, July 21, 2013

It finally happened!!

James was accident-free all day today!! We've been giving him a new matchbox car every time he has a success in potty training (nothing else motivates him), and now FINALLY he is getting it, and with minimal waiting! I'm so excited I could go myself lol! It only took about a week and 30 or so matchbox cars, which is cheaper than diapers/pull-ups anyway. We still have a ways to go, he's nowhere near fully trained, but he's doing very well!

One of the unforeseen benefits of him "peeing on the poppy, get a cow!" is that I am teaching him the names of all the classic cars. He in particular likes his Chevy Nova and Mini Cooper and will walk around looking for them and calling them by name. He knows every stinkin' car he owns, which is like 40 by now. And he KNOWS if one is missing! We've spent lots of nights looking for "my new van" or "the daddy car" before he goes to sleep. He definitely has favorites, but no one car is his absolute can't-live-without-it favorite.

Another cute thing he said today, when I was explaining to him how sunscreen works and why it is important, he said,"mommy, I put toothpaste on so I don't get burned!" Because he thought
the sunscreen was a tube of toothpaste! :-) 
That's my boy!

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