Saturday, September 11, 2010

James is 12 weeks old!

James is 12 weeks old today! And guess what... he ROLLED OVER for the first time today!! He was on his tummy for tummy time and rolled himself over to his back. This was the pic I took right after:

He's also sleeping longer hours... last night he slept 7:45pm to 1:15am, then again from 1:45 to 5:45. Which means we are all getting more sleep and enjoying life just a tad more. :-) I am still not sleeping all that well, but I am hoping that gets better in a few weeks.

Also, remember back when I first found out I was pregnant and went out and bought a sleeper to show Eliot to tell him the news? Here is the original pic I took last October when I found out just in case you can't remember:

Well, guess who's fitting into it now?

Time has surely flown by! And there were times I thought I'd be pregnant forever... guess I was wrong. James is growing so fast I can't keep up!!

Here are a few more cute shots to commemorate this last week:

Playing with his Mozart magic cube

Visiting "Aunt Jodi"'s house

This one is for Ali, who I know reads this blog! Thanks for the toy Ali, he LOVES it!

Tummy time!

12 weeks old!

And finally a video of James that Eliot took one morning to show me:

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