Sunday, September 19, 2010

James is 3 months old!!

James is 3 months old today! We are celebrating by taking it easy and maybe going for a walk. James has hit his 3-month growth spurt right on schedule and is back to eating every 2-3 hours (even at night) and not sleeping that well. Oh well...

He spent 15 minutes yesterday just examining his hands like he was fascinated with them. It was pretty darn cute. We have also started reading to him on a regular basis, and he likes looking at the pictures when he is having his quiet time before naps and bed. He also likes to straighten his legs and push when we hold him up, and he can sit up if we hold him because he has enough head control now!

James hasn't rolled over since last week, but I know he is capable of it and will do it when he feels motivated! He also turned 13 weeks yesterday, but I figured I would just include that picture in this post to save some time.

Oh, and James is now taking 6oz in his bottle in the mornings when Eliot feeds him (he previously ate 4.5oz), and he is all but totally grown out of his clothes that are sized 3 months. He's growing, that's for sure!

Here are some of our favorite pics from this last week:

13 weeks old!

Watching Dirty Jobs with Mom

Hanging out with Dad

Story Time!

3 Months old!

For more pics, visit James's Third Month photo album:
James Third Month

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