Friday, September 3, 2010

Sleep taining update

Well, James might not be ready to sleep through the night quite yet. I think he still needs two middle of the night feedings. *sigh* Last night was especially bad because he had THREE feedings, making me get up every two hours. It's like the worst kind of torture for me since I LOVE my sleep. But he needs his food!

We decided to just make sure he learns to fall asleep on his own in his crib and that way he'll be more likely to put himself back to sleep at night (which he already sort of does, just not when he's hungry). No more sleeping on mom and dad, no more rocking him to sleep. It's a little sad, but also freeing... I can get up and do things during naptime instead of being stuck in a chair.

It suddenly got hot here again (almost in the 90s), so James is temporarily back in a cradle in our bedroom till it gets cooler in his room. Right now it is 75 in there, and it is recommended for SIDS safety for the room to be between 66 and 72, with 68 to 71 being optimal. We have A/C in our room, so we can regulate the temperature better, but not so in his room. Maybe we'll have a house with central air someday... a girl can dream, right?

Oh, and Eliot is starting his job hunt (working on his CV and applying for jobs) while he is finishing his dissertation. Please keep him in your prayers, as we would LOVE to stay in the Pacific Northwest, but we can only do so if a job opens up here!

Gotta run, I need food before James needs food again. :-)

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