Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sleep training night #2

Well, it didn't go well. I've decided he just still needs to eat twice a night, and that feeding him for 15 minutes and going back to bed is better than trying to soothe him to sleep for an hour and then deciding he's just hungry, feeding him, and going back to bed after an hour-and-a-half ordeal.

SO, he's not going to sleep through the night... yet. But he does sleep longer stretches now, 4.5 hours sometimes for his first stint. And we're teaching him to fall asleep on his own in his crib rather than in our arms, as per the advice of all our sleep books and our pediatrician. That has resulted in 2 days of cranky 20 minute naps during the day in the crib instead of 3 hour naps in our arms, but this morning he had a 40 minute nap in his crib, and as I type this he is starting to wake up from a an hour and 15 minute nap in his crib. So it's getting better (woohoo!).

At least his feeding times are down to 15 minutes or less from an hour (or more) like they used to be. That in itself is AMAZING. I don't dread feeding him like I used to (stuck in a chair immobile for hours).

Today is a lazy day. I've decided to take the day off from house cleaning and laundry, and just focus on baby care and grocery shopping. We're enjoying the rain and the cooler weather, and eagerly awaiting the delivery of the $150 Wii I purchased online so we can watch Netflix instantly on our TV (aka having a remote to watch things, necessary these days!). We also look forward to having activities like bowling, tennis, racing, etc in our living room so we can have "date night" when James is asleep without having to leave the house. I've waited 3 years for a Wii to come down in price from $300... it's time. :-)

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