Sunday, October 17, 2010

James is 17 weeks old!!

James turned 17 weeks old yesterday! New developments this week include:

Laughing for the first time
Rolling over back to tummy
Bringing objects to his mouth once in awhile
Waking up at night just to be social
Grabbing toys that interest him
Moving around in his crib a lot
Chewing on his fingers and grabbing his jaw while drooling... maybe teething?

We made the mistake of trying to go to church today right when James needed to go down for a nap. We are now paying for it by James being crabby all day and screaming from being overtired. :-( HOWEVER, James did sleep from 2:30am to 7am (!!!) which is a first. I'm going to chalk it up to a fluke for right now and see how tonight goes. I never know what to expect from James...

Here are a few cute shots from this week:

Reading with Daddy

Playing with his balloon

At the Saturday Market

In the Bumbo

17 weeks!!

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