Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sleep regression

James is hitting his 4 month sleep regression. He no longer sleeps even one single 3 hour stretch without needing intervention.

Lord help us.

Eliot got up with me at 1am last night when I was in hysterics about being up with James for the second hour in a row (after getting hardly any sleep the night before since he was up every hour and a half all night). Luckily my husband is amazing and slept on the couch with the monitor, getting up with James for the rest of the night so I could get some uninterrupted sleep. It's the only reason I'm sane today.

But this sucks. Really, really sucks. And I never had a baby who slept 10hrs to begin with (as most babies James age have been doing and James is capable of doing if he wanted to). I feel a bit cheated...


Did I mention he doesn't wake up to eat but rather wants to be social and play? And he rolls around to his side and wakes himself up... it's ten times harder to get him to sleep unlike before when I could just feed him and he's conk back out.

I'm tired. Bedtime...

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