Sunday, October 24, 2010

James is 18 weeks old!!

James is 18 weeks old as of yesterday. He's getting much more animated in his facial expressions and his voice. He's not really doing anything new besides being able to support himself better. He can kind of sit for a second or two before toppling over.

Sleep wise, he is getting slightly better. He generally gets up 3 times per night... twice for feedings and once just because he misses our company. But he generally doesn't get up for the day now till 7 or 8am, which is a definite improvement over 5am. He's also going down easier to sleep, only crying for maybe a minute or two instead of 30. This is a HUGE relief, as bedtime/naptime has been a nightmare for the past few weeks.

James is also growing sooooo fast. Even though he's only in the 45th percentile for height and weight, he is outgrowing his 6 month clothes and headed into 9 month clothes. Part of this might be because he wears cloth diapers, but I think most of it is because he has a really long torso. Sadly, the hand-me-downs we got from Levi and Asher in this size are mostly summery clothes, so James only has 3 or 4 long-sleeve shirts! Oh well... he'll just have to grow into some of his 9 month clothes that have long sleeves!

Here are some pics we took today to celebrate him being 18 weeks old:

18 weeks!!

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