Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

James's first Thanksgiving was a hit! We had a great time with family coming to visit, and James did very well all day, going down for naps easily and being calm and content. Since I don't have the energy to write a play-by-play, I'll just narrate with some pics:

Pumpkin dad grew and gave to us

Puree for pie and baby food that I made out of the pumpkin

James helping in the kitchen

Finished pie!

Before company on Turkey day

Pappy and Asher

Levi with his grandma and great-grandma

Table ready to go

My delicious turkey! Eliot had already gotten to it with the knife...

Eliot carving away

Everyone hanging out in the living room with James

I made sure he had some time out of the jumperoo!

Sitting down to eat


James with Aunt Lindy

From left: Nathan, Asher, Lindy, Levi, Me, James, Eliot

Family photo before half the party left to drive back home

So just Nathan, Lindy, Levi, Asher and our family was left. Levi decided to collect all the stuffed penguins in the house and cuddle with them on the couch (so cute!).

Eliot and James after the guests had departed

Bath time!!

A video to go finish out the day:

And then he went to bed and Eliot and I crashed. We watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation to kick off the holiday season and went to bed! It was a fantastic Thanksgiving, thanks to everyone who made the drive to be with us!

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