Saturday, November 27, 2010

Growth spurt!

I am pretty sure James is going through a growth spurt today... he has been cranky while awake, which hasn't been long.... he's slept most of the day taking 1-2 hour naps (he usually takes 45 minute naps). He's also back to eating more whereas the last week or so he's barely eaten during the day (therefore keeping me up all night with feedings every 2 hours).

The major sign that he is having a growth spurt is that he slept from 2-7am this morning, which he has never, ever done. It felt glorious to get 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep... Eliot even got eight.

Love growth spurts. It's like God knew we were sleep deprived and desperate for sleep and so planned a time every few weeks/months when James would sleep more and give us a break. Maybe he'll even sleep better after this? Who knows...

Also, I wanted to mention that James has been enjoying his solid food. He's had rice cereal (tolerates but doesn't love), sweet potatoes (mildly likes), and organic bartlett pears (LOVES!). He's such a good sport about it, the only time he's really cried was tonight when he was just cranky from the growth spurt and couldn't tolerate any more feeding.

Gotta run... presents to wrap!

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