Sunday, November 14, 2010

James is 21 weeks old!!

My goodness, 21 weeks... James is really getting big! He's got chubby little cheeks now and is working on his double chin. :-) He also almost always rolls over from tummy to back when placed on his tummy, and he's getting slightly better at going to sleep at night (naps are still hit and miss). He still gets up twice per night to eat. Oh well...

James also has been showing preference for certain toys. He loves the little toy peacock I got him, and he loves to chew on rings. He doesn't seem to be teething yet, just likes to chew. But he does grab onto things very well... I was holding him today on the couch sitting next to a pile of laundry, and before I knew it he had a blanket in his hands!

We are getting ready for the holidays here, and I feel so much more behind than last year. I want to order our Christmas cards but can't until I have an updated picture of the three of us. Who knows when that is going to happen?? With Eliot just getting back from a conference this weekend and my trying to plan Thanksgiving for the family, there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day.

Enough of my woes... time for some pics!

Waiting to try rice cereal for the first time

Trying out rice cereal!

Flicker in the back yard

21 weeks!!

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