Monday, November 8, 2010

James is 20 weeks old!!

I know I'm a few days late, but I've been working on some Christmas projects and haven't had much free time to post. Saturday James turned 20 weeks old! It's gone by much faster than I thought it would, and sometimes I want to stop time and have him be small forever (then he wakes up screaming for the 3rd time in an hour and I start praying for time to speed up just a little bit!).

This past week James has been progressing quite a bit in his grasping skills. He can grab things much easier than he could before, and now he is starting to reach for things (this morning it was my water glass and then my piece of turkey bacon). He's also rolling around a lot more at play time, and doesn't automatically cry right away when he's on his stomach. He also is laughing every once in awhile and it is CUTE. I doubt I can get it on camera yet because it doesn't happen all the time, but when I can I will so you can all hear it!

Today was pretty good except for James spitting up on my head (I was lifting him in the air at playtime, so it is partially my fault). He also was ALMOST asleep tonight when Eliot threw a light on in the hall and it woke him up so jarringly that he decided to cry inconsolably out of exhaustion for an hour and then wake up every 30 min to an hour after that to cry out again from being overtired. Sigh. I've heard it gets better... but when, I don't know.

And now for a few pics from this past week...
Playing with daddy


Showing off his grasping/chewing skills!

20 weeks old!!

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