Friday, November 19, 2010

James is 5 months old!

It's so hard to believe James is already 5 months old. He's getting so big and seems to do something new every day. He's creeping more and more, I think he will probably get the army crawl down in a month or so. I also tried feeding him more rice cereal today, and he didn't cry this time. He seemed not terribly interested, but he did open his mouth for it. I'm afraid most of it went down his chin an onto his bib, but I did it mostly for the learning experience of using a spoon, so that's ok. :-)

To celebrate James turning 5 months old, we put him in his new Ergo carrier (my early Christmas present from Eliot) and went to Starbucks. He kept staring at the ladies sitting behind us, which was cute and funny. :-) He did so well, peaceful and calm in the carrier, that we decided to walk around the mall as well. By the end he was pretty tired and conked out after his bath and feeding, leaving Eliot and I to savor date night in relative peace.

Sleep-wise, he still gets up 3 times per night to eat. I am hoping to wean him down to 2 feedings because I don't think he eats much in the middle one. He has been going down for naps better with less screaming and even occasionally putting himself to sleep (insert shocked face here). I am holding out hope for better sleeping on our horizon!

James has also been enjoying his new jumperoo that I got on craigslist for $35. Unfortunately, the woman didn't tell me how filthy it was until I went to pick it up. This woman had let her baby eat ALL their meals in it. YUCK. She also said they took it camping. Seriously?? So it was really, truly disgusting. I had to unscrew every part of it, scrub it with hot soapy water, sanitize it, and put it back together. I also had to re-solder the electrical part of it that makes lights and sounds because the wires came loose and there was old spaghetti sauce on the circuit board (yeah, gross).

Needless to say, that thing is now the cleanest it has ever been and James loves it. It makes music when you bounce in it, though he seems to like to swing back and forth more than anything else!

Here are some recent pics for your enjoyment:

In his rainforest jumperoo!

My new Ergo carrier

At Starbucks!


5 Months old!!

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