Saturday, December 11, 2010

James is 25 weeks old!!

His life seems really long in weeks!

Fun things I've noticed recently...
James often kicks just one foot repeatedly whenever he is happy... he does it during feedings or if he's just chillin' in the swing. He's also lifting his arms up or waving them around if he wants you to pick him up, which he hasn't done before. But the best thing I've noticed this week is James pays attention to any kind of fiddle music I play while Eliot is away, almost like he is looking for his daddy. Eliot plays the fiddle for him all the time and James is just enraptured by it... he can't take his eyes off it! A musical child we have. :-)

Today James tried pumpkin for the first time and LOVED it. He also has been munching on bananas this week and loving those too. It seems the only thing he hates is anything that's not sweet, and I don't blame him.

Christmas is coming up so fast... Eliot's birthday is tomorrow, and we are having our annual "Gingerbread House Party" where everyone brings their own gingerbread kit and we assemble them together. I'm serving beef stew with polenta plus some fig/blue cheese crostini for an appetizer. Then we'll be having cookies! I made Mint Surprise, apricot-filled, and gingerbread, and I also made these:

Here are some pics from this week:

Chillin' on the couch with Mickey the Snowman

I love this one!

Watching Daddy play the fiddle

25 weeks old!

And, for your viewing pleasure, a short clip of my happy baby kicking his feet!

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