Sunday, December 26, 2010

James's first Christmas!

We had a great first Christmas with James! Our celebration started out on Christmas eve eve at Nathan and Lindy's house... the party consisted of Grandma Jan, Grandpa Ger, Uncle Nathan, Aunt Lindy, Great-aunt Diane (via Skype) and cousins Levi and Asher. It was LOUD, with lots of gifts, lots of laughs, and lots of good times. James did really well with all the excitement, going down for naps easily and not being fussy at all. After he went to bed, Eliot and I played with Levi and Asher in their new play fort... we had a ton of fun! We also played Uno Attack with my dad, Lindy, and Nathan to close out the evening. It was truly wonderful to spend so much time with family... and James got his first Christmas gift from his Aunt Lindy (a blanket with his initial, which he enjoyed chewing immensely).

Christmas eve we celebrated by having fajitas (which Eliot made for me!) and opening up one gift each as per our family tradition. Then we hit the hay... and woke up to Christmas morning! Well, I woke up eaaaaaarly, 3am and again at 6:30am for feedings, so Eliot got up with James at 7:45am while I slept in till 9:45 or so. It was one of my Christmas gifts. :-) We opened one or two presents with James before he needed a nap, then opened the rest of ours while he was sleeping. After he woke up and had lunch, he opened the rest of his gifts and stocking (with help from us!).

We spent the remainder of the day calling family, playing games, and relaxing at home. Once James went to bed, we made a ham with scallop potatoes and green bean casserole for dinner. Eliot and I also made a list of memories from 2010 and wrote them in a journal we got from our friend Ali for our wedding almost 5 years ago. It was a lovely evening.

Now that Christmas is over, I'm looking forward to James's 6-month well baby appt (NOT looking forward to the immunization shots!) and the new year. I can't believe it is almost 2011... this year has gone by too fast!

Here are some of my favorite pics from Christmas this year. There are tons more in James's Seventh Month photo album. Enjoy!

Love those candy canes!

First time in his high chair

Over the river and through the woods, to Nathan and Lindy's we go!

Hanging out with Uncle Nathan

Opening (or eating) the first gift!

Boys playing in their new fort

James with his gifts

Helping open his gift

Christmas morning with mommy!

"G" whistle from daddy

James with his stocking

Playing with his toys

James's Christmas dinner

And a video of our time playing with Asher and Levi:

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  1. AAAAHHHH! Thank you for catching that on video, so so so adorable. It made me giggle and almost cry at the same time. :) We had such a wonderful time with you guys. You're more than welcome to come up and spend the night ANY time, especially as soon as I have 3 day weekends after the first of the year!