Friday, December 3, 2010


I thought I'd take a moment to mention how solids are going....
Here is a list of foods James does and does not like so far!

Apples- LOVES!
Green beans- Hates (He actually shivered in disgust when it hit his tongue and spit it out!)
Sweet potatoes- Tolerates
Rice cereal- Will eat if mixed with other foods

I will be trying pumpkin next, I think. I have to wait 4 days in between each food so we can watch for an allergic reaction.

In other news, I ordered James a super-cute diaper for Christmas, and they sent me a PINK diaper with free PURPLE baby legs. Yeah, so NOT what I ordered!

Gotta run, James is up from his nap.


  1. Are you making your own baby food?

  2. Just passing on something that worked for us...the only way we could get the boys to eat rice cereal and then oatmeal cereal was to mix some applesauce in with it. After we did that, they would gulp it right down!

  3. Brigid- Yeah, I get organic veggies/fruits and then bake or steam them. Then I puree them in a magic bullet and freeze them in ice cube trays. It's amazingly easy and I love that I know what he's eating!

    Lindy- I've found that to be the case with James as well... I just mix his rice cereal in with his apples or pears and he loves it!