Wednesday, December 29, 2010

6-month well baby appt

James saw the doctor for his 6-month well baby visit today. He's perfectly healthy from head to toe! She thought it was funny that he does "crunches" to look around rather than wanting to sit up that much. But he's right on schedule for his development and almost rolled off the table while practicing his rolls!

Here are his stats:
Weight: 17 lbs 1 oz (35th percentile)
Height: 25.5" (15th percentile)

It seems like he's dropped percentile-wise, and I asked the doc about it... she said it's likely that since Eliot and I aren't large people and that Eliot was a small child as well that he may just be on the lower end of things. He's still trending up in the growth charts so she wasn't worried about it.

James also got his vaccinations and his flu shot... boy that was awful. He screamed and cried for 5 minutes or so, and then 4 hours later he did so again until we gave him tylenol. He still wouldn't sleep, though, so we held him and watch movies while he cuddled with us, then put him to bed an hour early. Poor little guy...

In other news, the angelcare monitor went off the last two nights because James has been jamming himself in the upper corner of the crib away from the sensor and getting stuck upside-down. He is ok, but it scared the begeezes out of me! I thought for sure I was going to find him not breathing. He was fine, though, smiling and happy to see me. Now I wonder if he's setting it off on purpose so he can play! :-)

We're enjoying the last few days of the year, though we're sad Eliot's sister Alison isn't able to visit as planned due to the blizzard in NY. So we are relaxing at home as much as possible before Eliot goes back to school. James has been back to wanting to eat every 2-3 hours at night (I think it's a growth spurt) so I am tiiiiiired. I rarely get more than 1.5-2hrs sleep at a time because it takes me so long to fall asleep. Oy.

Anyway, that's the update! I will have pics/videos soon, but tonight I'm just too tired. Oh well.

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