Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas with the Cousins

Tonight we got to visit with James's aunt, uncle and cousins and celebrate Christmas. We had a lot of fun hanging out and watching the twins open their gifts. I also got to help the boys drive cars in a video game and also helped them take pictures with my camera (hence some of the blurry or close up shots). It was cute the way they insisted on being models for each other and then switching places after each shot (as you can see in some of the pics, Levi in the pic and then Asher). James was pretty content just playing with all the new toys and running around. He helped me stack some things and put some toys on the shelf, but mostly he played until he was thoroughly exhausted. We bathed all the cousins together for the first time, and tucked James in bed.

The twins, on the other hand, got some super cool spiderman watches from someone (ahem...us) and totally freaked out when they had to give them up to go to bed. While they liked the dino tails and toolbelts I made them, the silly watches were the clear winner, making bedtime quite an event. They yelled "MeeMaaaaaaw" (spiderman) like they had lost all that was valuable to them in the world. Quite humorous, while frustrating.

Regardless, we had a great time with our family. Here are some pics from our evening.


















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