Friday, December 16, 2011

Lopez Island

Eliot has some gigs up here in the San Juans, so we are hanging out on Lopez Island this weekend. Sadly, James has a really bad cold, so bad that he can't breathe when he lays down. So he has spent a lot of time skipping naps and being crabby, and I've spent a lot of time being exhausted.

But regardless I was determined to have some fun today. I took James down to Watmough Bay to see the Puget Sound for the first time, and he loved it! It was so eerily quiet, I actually heard the leaves fall. When we got to the bay, the only sound was the sound of the waves lapping at the shore and an occasional bird or two. It was quite peaceful and we actually had fun!

Then I took James to the other side of the island to go to the one and only grocery store, where we cleaned them out of every baby-illness item they had. James was a good sport, and I figured it wasn't too bad to take him there since he got to snuggle up with a blanket and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the ride there and back. During our drive, the shun came out and gave us a spectacular sunset with a view of the Olympic mountain range.

I guess the theme foe the weekend is to make lemonade out of lemons or whatever. All I know is I nee dto go eat before he wakes up crying again.

Here are some pics of James's first ride (on the ferry from Anacortes to Lopez), bumming around our friend's house with a gorgeous view of the Olympics, and of course our trip to Watmough beach.





















And a little video to bring you the peace of the islands this Christmas.
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