Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Now that we've completed most of our Christmas prep, we are starting to relax a bit more and have fun with our little guy as he experiences his second Christmas season. Eliot spent most of yesterday putting up lights on the house (it was a little bit Clark Griswold-esque at moments when he got them all up and a portion of them wouldn't light). We also made Gingerbread cookies and two other family favorite cookies, many in fun shapes of cookie cutters we've collected over the years (Buffalo from yellowstone, Mickey from Disneyland, and a Moose from James's baby shower, see pic below).

James also opened his first Christmas present from us a bit early... a froggie knit hat to wear on our upcoming trip to the San Juans (Eliot has some gigs up there so we are staying with friends a few days and enjoying the islands). \

So here are a few pics of our holiday festivities.







Hope everyone is having a very merry Christmas season so far!
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