Thursday, November 5, 2009

7 is the New Midnight

It seems that everyone in the Grasso household have taken to falling asleep on the couch around 7pm every night... me from fatigue and Eliot from just plain exhaustion from his busy day. Luckily we find our way back off the couch for our evening activities. For example, to night Eliot teaches a lesson, I'm working on Christmas gifts and we both meet back at 9pm for The Office. It works.

Tomorrow is our first doctor's appt! YAY! I can't wait! I am so nervous I wonder if I will sleep much tonight. I have also been short of breath (another symptom of the rising progesterone in my body), which makes it uncomfortable to lay down and try to sleep. I hope that gets better in the next trimester.

I can't wait for tomorrow... I hope we get an ultrasound so we can see our little one!!
Update to follow after our appt!

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