Monday, November 2, 2009

For those who are curious...

Some people have inquired about a baby registry for us since Christmas is right around the corner... I started one at Amazon with a universal button so I added items from many different stores, including Walmart, Target, Babies-R-Us, etc. This also means that the bulk of items on the registry are under the general "universal registry" category and not separated into their own sections, so keep scrolling down to see everything! I also registered for mostly gender neutral stuff at the moment without a theme since we don't know what we are having!

Here is the link: Our Baby Registry

I will probably add and alter things later as our little one grows, but for now I've done a fair amount of research about the items I put on the registry and everything we have on there will be useful.

To be quite honest, the things we need the most are the All-in-one cloth diapers and the bigger ticket items on the registry, but anything and everything helps! We will end up needing just about everything on the list, and any gift is of course welcome and much appreciated. Thanks everyone for putting up with my shameless promotion of our registry!

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