Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sleep training

We're trying to train James to sleep "through the night" now that he is 12 lbs and 10 weeks old and capable of it (by sleep through the night I mean t least 5 hours in a row). I am completely against the CIO (cry it out) method of training kids to sleep. So I found this book at the library that is called the lull-a-baby plan and has you put the baby down "sleepy awake" in their crib and they learn to fall asleep in the crib on their own. The logic behind this is that they can learn to self-soothe, so in the middle of the night when they wake up naturally in between sleep cycles they can put themselves back to sleep.

Well... last night we started the plan. It worked at first... I put him down after his bath at 8:30, he woke up fussing at 9pm, I went into his room, sat by his crib, and talked softly to him till he fell asleep. Then at 1am he woke up. And I mean WOKE UP. This was no "in between sleep cycles" thing, he was really, truly hungry and fully awake. He was trying to gnaw his hand off in hunger, and I figured since it had been 5 hours since he ate it was ok to feed him. So I did, and 20 minutes later he fell asleep in his crib, just like that (hooray!).

THEN, the stupid baby monitor I have wasn't plugged in next to my bed, and although it was fully charged when I went to bed at 1:30am, I awoke to the cat crying in the hall alerting me to the wailing baby in the next room (maybe we should rename him Lassie...). Panicked, I ran into the nursery and scooped up James... it was 5:45am and he normally gets up at 4am. Who knows how long he was crying in there all alone? Stupid monitor... why didn't it beep or something to let me know it was dying?? I am a light sleeper, I would have heard it. Grr...

So anyway, tonight is night #2...we'll see how it goes...

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