Friday, March 26, 2010

Did you know??

Users of disposable diapers are supposed to throw feces in the toilet, NOT wrap them up in the diaper and throw them in the trash. (In fact, in many places it is illegal to toss solid wastes in the garbage).

The American Public Health Association released a statement in 1989 about this (read about it here)that explains the necessity of keeping human waste out of landfills as it can carry all kinds of unhappy diseases that leaches into the ground water. Instruction on how to properly dispose of feces for disposable diapers are SUPPOSED to be on the packaging for all diapers... though not all have it.

SO, all those parents who think that cloth diapering is gross because you have to toss (solid) poo in the toilet may want to think about this...

This is NOT a slam to parents who are using disposable diapers. It's just to educate those who think that cloth diapering is "gross" or somehow more work than disposables in this area... technically, we should all be doing the same thing in terms of disposing solid wastes appropriately and safely. There are also those people who think that putting soiled diapers in their laundry is "gross"... I wonder what those people do with baby clothes that have big messes on them from diapers that leaked? Hmm...

Luckily, we have a lot of people in our lives who are supporting our decision to cloth diaper... and I think a lot of the opposition is from people who aren't informed about it's benefits and the "new" cloth diapers that are as easy as disposables to use.

If anyone is interested in my other reasons to cloth diaper, I thought this article expresses my sentiments exactly.

I will get down from my soap box now. Thank you for listening. :-)

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