Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby shower!!!

Last Saturday Mom, Diane, Mary Helen and Lindy hosted a baby shower for me and Eliot. It was themed like our nursery (Forest critters) and was SO much fun! But I am getting ahead of myself, let me start from the beginning of the day...

Mary Helen, Eliot, Jodi, and I all drove up from Springfield in Jodi's car (because it is bigger) about 2 hours before the party. After dropping Jodi and Mary Helen off at my mom's house, Eliot and I went out with Lindy to Dawson Creek park to take some maternity photos. We had a great time, though wen OUT of time, and hopefully got some great shots which I don't have yet since they are still in the hands of the photographer (who no doubt hasn't had time to edit them with a full-time job and twins!).

When we got back, people were arriving already for the party. I explored the decor... a "swamp" punch with fishies swimming in it, a prefold diaper cake with forest critters climbing on it, pine cone garlands, a banner tracking my bump progress, little forest items tucked here and there, the CUTEST party favor bags ever with little stamped critters on them, a "Welcome Baby Grasso" banner and loads of other things I may have forgotten to mention! It was truly amazing how much work went into everything and I felt so honored.

Eliot and I donned "mom-to-be" and "dad-to-be" medals and all the guests arrived, enthusiastic and excited. We dined on "dirt" pudding in flower pots, egg and tomato toadstools, ants on a log, and mini quiches. It was all delicious! Guests could also frost and decorate their own critter-shaped cookies. :-)

We played some great games, including a baby story that had "left" and "right" in it and had you pass a gift around in a circle according to whatever direction was said in the story, which was a TON of fun. Then our nursery rhyme skills were tested... mine were not so great! We also had a string test for the guests to guess how big my tummy was... most of them guessed big (I must look bigger than I feel!), but it was all in good fun. The winner was chosen during a break in the presents. The last game was all of us opening up our name tags (shaped like diapers) and seeing if we had the "messy" diaper. The games were all very well done and tasteful... Diane and Kristi did a great job!!

The presents were the most exhausting but most fun of all... I still can't get over how generous everyone was. We feel so blessed to have been given so many useful things, and now our nursery is all but complete because of it. I had to take a few breaks in the presents and have Eliot open a few because I was just plain exhausted from such a long day and having so many people's attention for so long!

During one of the breaks, Rhonda gave a dramatic reading of "I'll love you forever" for Eliot since he'd never read it before. Then they both did "The Composer's Dead" because Eliot had wanted it so desperately and was so excited about it. It may be a few years before our kiddo is ready for that one! :-)

All the gifts were wonderful and there are too many to name individually, but here are a few that stood out:

A handmade blanket with forest critters on it made by mom and grandma (so cute!!).
The "family" crib from Nathan and Lindy AND a swing that matches our theme and home!
Two picture murals of animals using photos taken by Mary Helen and labeled with the names of the animals.
A Moby wrap so we can cuddle with our little one. <3
Cloth diapers galore!
Lots and lots of cute baby clothes in all different sizes.
Baby books given with memories attached about how each gift giver read them to their kiddos. :-)
Gift cards to target and Babies R Us that have already allowed me to purchase the remaining items we needed for the nursery.

All in all, it was the best shower I have ever been to and I am so grateful for all involved who made it happen. Thank you everyone!! It was a shower for the memory book (which we have courtesy of Mary Helen) to be sure.

Here is a link to the photo album for you to browse at your leisure. I am sorry I don't have captions up, I'm just running out of steam this evening!

Baby Shower

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