Monday, March 29, 2010

The nursery (almost) finished!!

Mary Helen and Eliot have been helping me finish the nursery this weekend... here are some pics of the result! Sorry if some are blurry, the lighting was low and I'm too tired to take more pics right now!

The closet, organized

Hanging closet organizers I made from 3 months to Toddler


One of the tree murals

The other tree mural

Both trees together

View from the crib

Close up of branch shelf

Window side of room with changing table

Picture animal collages made by Mary Helen

Eliot reading to where the baby will soon be...

Close up of chickadee in tree

Close up of other birdie in tree

There are still a few things I need to get for the nursery, but it is mostly done. And so am I! I am totally exhausted and can barely drag myself to bed this evening.

I promise I will get pics up soon from the baby shower... I have to sort through them and find the best pics!

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