Saturday, March 20, 2010

Muskrats, Mallards, and Magical Glitter

This morning I was taking a hot shower(with the fan on to keep the oxygen flowing in the room) and when I coughed, I saw GLITTER. Not just some spots, like we all do from time to time when we get overheated, no, this was like hundreds of fireworks going off in front of my eyes and it continued for 30 seconds or so. I was so freaked out I almost yelled for Eliot.. I've heard vision disturbances are sometimes a sign of pre-eclampsia, so I was glad my doctor's appt was in two hours and I could ask my doctor about it!

So Eliot and I went in for my appt...I also had my glucose test to see if I have gestational diabetes or not. I had to fast for 2 hours, then go in and drink 10oz of liquid that tasted like flat sugary lemon-lime soda. While I was waiting the customary hour for the test to be complete so they could draw my blood, I saw my doctor. She said the "glitter" it was due to my blood pressure being so low and the water making me so hot that my blood was rushing to my extremities to cool them off and taking blood from my brain. So when I coughed I didn't have enough blood in the right place to accommodate, and I saw glitter! She said if I get black spots or partial vision loss I should call them immediately... other than that she wasn't concerned, and everything else is looking good! We now are going every 2 weeks, I can't believe it has gotten to that point already.

I had my blood drawn (after playing cards with Eliot in the lab to kill time) and then we went home for food... I was crashing big time with only sugar in my system, so we made a turkey waldorf salad. It was SO beautiful today we also decided to take a walk together at the creek by our house. We saw lots and lots of mallards (both male and female) and what I thought was an otter but Eliot said was a muskrat. I didn't even know we had those in Oregon, so we went home and looked it up.... low and behold, it was a muskrat! Go figure. I won the debate though about whether female mallards are indeed called mallards as well (and not some other name) so we are even. :-)

It's been an eventful day... we heard today the sad news that Eliot's grandma has passed away and is now with Jesus. We'll miss her, but it is comforting to know she is in a place where she is in no pain and forever with her Creator... and we will see her again someday.

On that note, I'm off to bed! I'm writing this after midnight Friday, so I will do my "28 week" post tomorrow... I need some sleep!

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