Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finding a voice

James has been more awake and alert in the daytime in the past week, and has also become more sociable and vocal. He makes adorable cooing/giggling noises and smiles when he recognizes us. All that is great... what is not so great is that as he discovers his voice, he is also learning to cry. WAY more than he used to. And now we have very little warning for when he is getting hungry... we used to have 20 minutes or so from when he started acting hungry to when he would cry. Not so anymore... he cries almost immediately when he needs anything, and it's LOUD.

So I dropped Eliot off at the airport for his flight to Scotland this morning, and James was chillin' in his carseat, cooing and smiling and happy. But halfway back home he started crying while I was driving and couldn't do anything about it. I tried putting on the radio, but it was all commercials. So I grabbed the only CD I could find within reach... a Michael Jackson mix. And wouldn't you know it, the second Billy Jean came on he was as happy as a clam and went right to sleep. After all the different kinds of music we've played for him, he likes good ol' MJ. Well. Ok, then. :-)

I'm just glad he is starting to get on a schedule. He has awake times around 9am, noon, and 6pm, which is when we do tummy time. He is getting closer to rolling over, but hasn't quite got it down yet. He is getting to be more aware of his hands, though, and will bat at objects. He's growing up!

It's feeding time at the zoo, gotta run!

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  1. Michael Jackson, huh? Well, with a mom who's a dancer, it's not too surprising he would like something with a beat. BTW - Eliot ALWAYS cried when in the car seat when he was that age. Need some ear plugs?