Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Meeting the cousins!

James met his cousins Levi and Asher today! Three kiddos under two made for an interesting afternoon... we let the boys run around in the back yard (unfortunately without shoes so there were splinters- Ouch!) while we had a lovely dinner that Nathan and Lindy brought. James was pretty quiet the whole evening, just taking in the outdoors.

Overall, it was a great time and I am so glad we got to see our adorable little nephews! The highlight of the evening was when one of the boys was getting splinters taken out of his foot (and was crying) and the other one (I can't remember who was where at that moment) picked up his binky and put it in his brother's mouth. Aww...

Here are a few shots from today:

Meeting Cousin Levi

Smiling at Daddy

Hammock Fun!

Eating Aunt Lindy's arm

Levi enjoying his cheerios

Asher on the porch

Me and James hanging out outside

And, just because it is cute, a "monkey butt" shot of James during tummy time!

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