Wednesday, October 14, 2009

5 weeks, 3 days and counting... when can I tell??

So now I am just bursting to tell everyone. Even people that wouldn't care. I want to tell the person at the checkout at Walmart that I am expecting. I dream about announcing to everyone in the Chrorale that I won't be able to sing in the 3rd concert this year because I'll be due around the time of the performance. I even let it slip to one person who is also pregnant in the chorale and asked her to pray for us (she is only singing one small thing with us this fall hence less of a chance of her telling others, although I figure she can keep a secret).

It's weird to have something you want to share with the whole world, something that is going to change your whole life forever, and not be able to say a word. Now, I know this is our own choice because we don't want to have to tell all those same people should the worst happen, but at the same time it is so HARD to wait! It is killing me that I can't write what I am really feeling/doing/thinking in my facebook updates, and it is even worse when I have to talk to people in Chorale and NOT blurt it out that I am pregnant!

Today is 5 weeks and 3 days, still really early. I had hardly any symptoms today and it makes me nervous (I should have increasing symptoms, right?). But then I tell myself I am just being silly, that yes, I am still pregnant. It will be so great to get to that first doctor's appt just to know everything is ok. Till then, I will trust that the Lord has everything under control. Maybe I should just be happy that I am not throwing up all the time! :-)

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