Friday, October 23, 2009

Let the morning sickness begin!

I've found that if I don't eat anything for awhile or my stomach is getting empty I get reeeeeeallly nauseous. Fortunately, believe it or not, eating something makes it all better. It seemed so counterintuitive tonight to say to Eliot, "I'm feeling sick, we need to go eat." :-)

We had a nice date night tonight thanks to the 2 for $20 special at Chilis (we get one night per month to eat out and this was it!). I had baby back ribs which I have been craving for a few weeks since I saw one of those commercials with the catchy tunes. I've been walking around the house singing , "I want my baby back baby back baby back I want my baby back baby back baby back... Chiliiiiiiiiis Baby back ribs, Chilis baby back ribs BARBEQUE SAUCE!" Eliot just laughs.

Other than that, Eliot went to see his doctor and at the same time asked about me getting a flu shot, and his doctor made a big deal about how important it is for pregnant women to get the shot immediately, freaking Eliot out completely. Then Eliot came home and freaked me out by saying I should have got it weeks ago, making me feel like I am going to die if I walk out of the house. After a LONG talk about how he's not allowed to scare me like that, we decided we would trust God to keep us healthy, use good hand washing and go out to eat because, let's face it, I only leave the house maybe twice per week anyway. Yes, I will get the flu shots, but I am not going to live my life in fear of this "swine flu" plague.

I've also found that I do get nauseous in the mornings, but since I've been sleeping from 4am-2pm, I sleep through a lot of it. I've been trying not to feel guilty about sleeping the day away, since I know I need my rest, but it is such a bummer to see the sun go down after only 3 hours. I would like normal hours of sleep, but my brain just won't shut off! Grr.

Speaking of which, I am going to head to bed to read at least. I've decided to read some of the classics since I am up most of the night... this week is Little Women, last was Pride and Prejudice, and when I am finished with LW I will start Gone with the Wind. At least I can become more versed in the classics while sleep evades me!

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