Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thinking positively

There is so much bad news out there, stories of women who have miscarriages, stillborn births, complications, etc that I finally decided that I needed to stop listening to all the negative and start thinking positively about the wonderful blessing we have been given and let myself be excited about it instead of scared.

So, we are starting to tell a few more people (for prayer support and encouragement) and have started taking walks together around stores with baby departments so we can think about the future together. It's wonderful to have the time together, get exercise, and also be prepared about the cost of baby items so we can budget for them. I am also beginning to think about themes for the nursery since I love decorating so much. Here are a few I'm thinking of:

Pirates of the Caribbean (the GOOD pirates!)
Critter country (squirrels, raccoons, bears, etc)
Robin Hood (my favorite Disney cartoon)

Garden/flowers (with pink, green, and light yellow)
Peter Rabbit garden
Some sort of Disney female character/design, not sure what exactly

If it is a boy, we probably will leave the room the blue color it already is, but we'll paint it with a light green color if it is a girl (since we already have a full can of paint left over from painting our bedroom). If anyone has any ideas they would like to throw in the hat, please let me know! I am not particularly set on anything, and I actually have more boy themes that I like at the moment than girl themes. Eliot and I both agreed we didn't want any overwhelming pink if it is a girl, just subtle pink... and Eliot is opposed to the idea of "little princess" for a number of reasons, so that is out.

Whatever we end up doing, it will be on a budget... but I have been able to decorate many rooms in the house on a budget, so I am not too worried! :-)


  1. Tinker Bell - she is yellow and a fairy not a princess!

  2. Hooray for the power of positive thinking!

  3. Hooray for being anti-pink! Personally green is my favorite color. I think a garden theme sounds pretty cute. Because for some reason I think vegetables are cute. Pea pods especially.