Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Today was my 26th birthday... I feel older. Probably because I am soon to be responsible for another human being besides myself. :-)

I had a nice relaxing birthday. Eliot let me open some of my presents at midnight, and I got a GREAT 5-disc DVD player from Dad, plus some lotion, DVDs, and a book from my in-laws. Today, I woke up to see this on the table:
From Winter 2009/2010

Eliot had gotten me Pinocchio, a Shawn McDonald CD, and a label maker! I immediately used it making labels for the drawers in the nursery so everything stays organized. After a birthday visit from Jake and Jodi, we found a package on the porch from Aunt Diane with 3 One Size Bum Genius 3.0 cloth diapers in it! Here is what they look like in the packaging:
From Winter 2009/2010

These diapers are good from birth through potty training... we still need about 21 more, but this is a good start!! Our first diapers!!

Eliot and I went out for sushi (I had all cooked stuff, no worries), and then went to Borders (I know, *GASP*) to look at children's books. We ended up getting the complete stories of Beatrix Potter in one big book, which has many cute critter illustrations we may be able to use as murals in the nursery. I don't know exactly what I have planned for the walls, yet, but a critter or two and maybe a big tree in the corner is what I am leaning towards. Maybe my paint assistants can help me brainstorm what would look best.

Other than that, we bought a crib mattress and mattress protector at Walmart on our way home. I then took a whole bunch of pop cans (courtesy of Jake and Jodi) and put pennies in them, taping over the open tops afterward. Then we put the cans in the crib (the cans were clean and I put the mattress protector on first just in case...the purpose of this is to deter the cat from sleeping or jumping in the crib. If he does, the sound will startle him and deter him from trying to jump in again. I am hoping this works as we obviously can't leave the cans in there once the baby gets here!

So that is my birthday in a nutshell. Any monetary gifts received are going towards new SHOES (walking shoes) for me since my shoes have holes in them, and then the rest will probably go towards fabric for a baby quilt and diaper inserts.

Here I am (in my comfy clothes, we forgot to take a pic earlier), age 26:
From Winter 2009/2010

From Winter 2009/2010

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  1. let me know if that soda can idea works. our cats jumped in the crib for a while, but never slept in the crib with scout (as far as i know). we sprayed them with a water bottle whenever we saw them go near. we also did that with her pack and play and that really worked.