Saturday, January 30, 2010

Murphy's January

This week our washer completely stopped working (as in squealed and then came to a grinding halt and wouldn't turn on). Since we are doing cloth diapering, we decided we needed to get a dependable new one and not another used one (our old one was a craigslist find, $400 for the pair). We can't quite afford the one I WANT right now, the energy efficient front-loading variety, so for $418 we settled on a sturdy top loader with extra capacity to be delivered and installed for free by Home Depot next Wednesday.

THEN, I go in to Les Schwab today to have our studded tires changed back to regular ones (the flowers are coming up for goodness sakes and it hasn't been icy for weeks) and they say two of them are so worn they can't put them on the car because they are a safety hazard. $135 for two new tires. I sighed and agreed, deciding that bringing baby home in a car with bald tires isn't a good idea. So the emergency fund took a second hit.

I am pushing for the month to be over so that we don't have any more surprise expenses... anyone with me?

All I have to say, though, is that if Dave Ramsey hadn't told us to BE PREPARED for rainy days because IT WILL RAIN, we wouldn't have the money and would be hyperventilating into brown paper bags about now. But no, thank goodness God has provided us the wisdom via the Dave Ramsey plan to have an emergency fund for just such times as these. It's raining, and we were prepared. Praise the Lord!

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