Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

It is now officially the year our first child will be born!! We are SO excited!

We spent New Years hanging out with our nephews and Nathan and Lindy. We played Mario on the Wii and Eliot and I lost terribly to the Nathan/Lindy team. Good times were had by all, including the boys who woke up late to welcome in the new year.

Nathan and Lindy were also gracious enough to pass on some of their stuff that the boys have grown out of, including a breathable crib bumper, a warm cover for the car seat, receiving blankets, and a rain forest crib soother. We are SO grateful that we don't have to purchase these things! Thanks guys!

As for me, I am feeling ok. I forgot my thyroid meds this morning and so I've felt groggy all day. I am having a lot of back pain and I am ALWAYS hungry. Today I have an intense craving for fettuccine alfredo, whereas two days ago I wanted corn dogs (which I made from scratch with turkey dogs and fried in olive oil to make them healthier). I am so hungry right now, in fact, I think I will go eat! :-)

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