Friday, January 22, 2010

It's a....

We are so excited! Surprised, yes, as we thought for sure it was a girl, but he's all boy! We haven't come up with a name yet, I think that will be this weekend's project. The first picture is a 3D image that shows the baby with his arm over the side of his face with his other hand cupped over his face. They said most babies look pretty skeletal at this stage, so we aren't worried about that. He was squirming around a lot, but was cooperative for most of the exam.

We also got to see his kidneys, diaphragm, heart (with different colors showing the blood pumping through the chambers), limbs, and brain! It was all really amazing. The baby now weighs 10 oz and is healthy according to all the tests!

It was a fun and exciting afternoon!! We love our little peanut and are happy we now have a use for all those hand-me-down baby clothes from Asher and Levi. :-) And our little boy will have two little boy cousins to play with who are only about 21 months older!

In all honesty, Eliot and I were thinking girl so much we have to switch our brains into "boy" mode, which is quite an adjustment. But we are in no way sad to be getting a healthy little boy! One more Mariner's fan to add to the team!

Go team blue!!

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